Monday, June 6, 2011

Murphy's law?

Perhaps bad karma. We are not even a full week into June and I hate this month. A lot.

I hurt my friends. I don't need to go into it anymore than that, but I hurt people I care deeply for over something ridiculous and although I have apologized, I am not sure things will ever go back to normal. That breaks my heart.

I think the universe is trying to get back at me.

There has just been little things adding up, over and over trying to make me insane. It's like a scab that never quite heals because someone keeps picking at it.

Then there are the bigger things. My truck needs a new differential. We manage to pick vehicles with weird, impossible to find parts, and things that never break for other people break for us. That just means there isn't an abundance of parts for it out there. So yeah. $2000 repair that I wasn't counting on. Sorry younger kid. Your braces just got pushed back a bit.

My uncle had knee surgery. Shouldn't be a huge deal right? Except apparently it was because he hasn't come out of it the way he should have. He is incoherent when he is awake which is only about 4 hours every 24. So I am worried about him. He is a good man and deserves to be healthy.

So my life kind of sucks. I am in a funk that I would love to get out of. I need a vacation. Or booze. Maybe both.

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